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The Meadows on University is a top-rated rehab center in North Dakota with state of the facilities and outstanding amenities. The contentment of our current residents can vouch for the quality of our services and rehabilitation therapies.

Rehabilitation after a stroke

Stroke rehabilitation is imperative to help patients regain their lost abilities. The goal of stroke rehabilitation is to stabilize the patient's medical condition and minimize their risk for another stroke and other life-threatening conditions. The rehab exercises also focus on limiting the complications of a stroke in patients. Patients must get started on rehab exercises within 2-3 days after a stroke, and the period of rehab can last for several months to years, based on the severity of the stroke and other related complications.

We follow different approaches to help stroke patients based on their lost abilities and medical needs. Generally, we train them in motor-skill, mobility, and range of motion exercises to improve their muscle strength and help them regain mobility. We also instruct our patients on how to use their mobility aids like walkers, ankle braces, and wheelchair.

At our rehab center in North Dakota, we offer highly effective stroke rehabilitation treatment to help patients regain independence. As a part of our stroke rehab program, we also offer functional electrical stimulation training, noninvasive brain stimulation, and other cognitive therapies to improve the quality of lives in patients.

Benefits of balance exercise for seniors

One of the major ailments faced by most seniors is poor balance. Adults older than the age of 65 often suffer from fall-related injuries and end up suffering severe hip fractures and loss of physical abilities. We train our residents on balance exercises, along with flexibility, strength, and endurance training. We offer and encourage our residents to participate in yoga and tai chi sessions that help seniors benefit from increased muscle tone, balance, and stability.

Balance exercises also reduce the symptoms of chronic pain, arthritis, and high blood pressure in older adults and help them to lead a pain-free life. It also offers good sleep, improves mood, and increases reaction time in patients. With an increase in reaction time, patients can quickly shift their body weight or hold on to something more quickly and avoid a fall.

Importance of speech therapy for seniors

There are several ways in which speech therapy can benefit seniors, especially those in recovery after a stroke or those suffering from memory-related disorders. Aging can cause the vocal cords to lose their elasticity and weaken the larynx muscles, which can make communication extremely difficult. With the help of speech therapy and vocal exercises, seniors can re-learn how to talk and overcome chewing and swallowing problems.

It also reduces the risk of choking in older adults. Patients battling with dementia need speech therapy more than anybody to preserve their brain function and cognitive aspects of communication, memory, decision making, and attention.

For more details on our rehab center in North Dakota, call The Meadows on University today. Our nursing home staff provide our residents with a friendly, supportive, and caring environment where they can heal and recover.

Rehab Center North Dakota
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Rehab Center North Dakota
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