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FitProsthetics is the 1st company in Utah to use 3D scanning and printing to produce upper and lower body custom made prosthetics. Our staff's primary goal is to help boost a patient's confidence, mobility, and quality of life. If necessary, we will come to you for appointments, whether it is your home or workplace, a skilled nursing facility, hospital, or a doctor's office. Evening and weekend appointments are also available.

Above Knee

At FitProsthetics, we know how to get the perfect fit on your new prosthetic limb. The scanning time is only 45 seconds, eliminating a long casting process and the need for plaster or other wet casters. The scan will show us the size and shape of your limb. A 3D replica will be taken and uploaded onto our computer-assisted modifications software program. This helps track any changes in your limb to make necessary changes. FitProsthetics is the only orthotics and prosthetics company in Utah that 3D prints prosthetic sockets. These are used to make sure the patient is happy with the fit and function before delivery.

Below Knee

To make you the proper below-knee prosthesis, FitProsthetics will need to evaluate the patient's activity level thoroughly. Career, hobbies, medical history, physical strength, family, and environment are just some of the things that will help us find a patient the right prosthesis. Below knee, prosthesis fabrication is done in-house at the Murray office in Salt Lake City.

Hands and Arms

FitProsthetics uses three systems for hand and arm prosthetics; ETD myoelectric hooks, myoelectric I-limbs, and digits. ETD stands for 'electric terminal device.' The I-limb fingers are slender and can move in proportion to each other or individually. This helps the patient with grasping objects.

After the initial prosthesis fitting, several follow-up appointments are scheduled. You will come back in 7 days, 30 days, 60 days, and every 90 days to make sure the new prosthesis is working correctly. Motion Control Inc. creates our prosthetics.

U3 Arm:

Dual Lock System, Silent Freeswing, wireless Bluetooth, compatible with most hands

U3+ Arm:

Hand /elbow electronic control, optional wrist rotation, automatic hand sensitivity readjustment, easy elbow extension

Motion E2 Elbow:

Lightweight, simple switch control, proportional control available

ProControl 2:

Multiple battery choices, operates many motor-direct items, three inputs (EMG, harness sensors, touchpad)

Wrist Rotator:

Twice the speed/torque of others, quiet, ProWrist option

Powered Flexion Wrist:

High speed, user-defined pausing, two passive resistance settings

Motion Control Hand:

High strength machined fingers, high strength pinch force, safety release fingers,

Motion Control ETD:

Functional, practical, most popular

Motion Control ETD2:

Force Limiting Auto Grasp feature, multiple grasping modes

Taska Hand:

23 grip patterns, high-speed thumb rotation, lateral compliance fingers

TRIAD Preamp:

Three mounts (flash, surface, remote), built-in gain adjustment, high-level noise rejection

Motionfoot MX:

50-degree ankle motion, manual lock, adjustable hydraulic resistance

To schedule an appointment or get more information, call 810-912-0500 or fill out the form on our contact page.

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