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PEMF Huntington Beach

Are you feeling tired and in bad need of a vacation to recharge your batteries, but you lack the time? Ascent Adaptation can give you the energy boost you may need with a brief session of PEMF in Huntington Beach.

What does PEMF therapy do?

The waves created by a PEMF device have a positive impact on the damaged or injured cells of your body by restoring the energy levels. The restoration effect will impact your body in several ways:

  • Pain release – removing the pain by healing the affected tissues.
  • Sleep – by improving the blood circulation and reducing the stress levels, you will get better-quality sleep. Therapeutic PEMF in Huntington Beach can also help if you suffer from an insomnia disorder.
  • Mental health – changing in the brain wave activity as a result of the PEMF therapy will improve your overall mental wellbeing and concentration.
  • Relaxation – when used along with meditation or breathing exercises, the therapy will have a positive effect in delivering a state of calm. The low-frequency waves have been proved to be particularly useful for inducing a deep relaxation

How long does it take for PEMF to work?

This depends on what you are looking to achieve and how your body responds to the treatment. For a better understanding, PEMF acts as a battery charger replenishing your cells and, like any other recharging process, depends on how depleted your batteries are. Additionally, we are not all the same, and no two bodies will react in the same way to the therapy.

Our physicians will perform an initial assessment trying to understand your physiological needs. Following the initial session, we will provide an estimate on when you can expect some improvements. But it will come as no surprise for us if, after the first session, you will feel that you achieved the goals for which you visited us in the first place.

Several of our patients reported tremendous results within the first weeks. If the results are late to show, we will adjust the treatment according to your body's needs, which will dramatically increase the benefits. You have to remember also that your body needs time to heal once we give it the appropriate stimulus.

Is PEMF safe during pregnancy?

Pregnant women should not use PEMF treatment, since it may not be entirely safe for their baby. Also, most of the manufacturers do not recommend using the PEMF device during pregnancy.

Patients with metal implants should also avoid high-intensity PEMF since the technology may stimulate the nerves in the nearby areas causing sharp pains. We also advise you to avoid using the high-intensity waves over breasts implants, given the risk of agitating the plastic.

Other than these few cases, the PEMF in Huntington Beach is safe and effective. Contact Ascent Adaptation for an initial assessment, and begin the treatment today! With us, you will have a pleasant and relaxant recovery, as PEMF will rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.

PEMF Huntington Beach
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