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Oxyntomodulin is a hormone that is secreted by the L-cells in the gut. It is an amino acid peptide. It is used to lower blood sugar levels and also has a component to help with weight loss.  At the same time, it will increase energy expenditure. When the glucagon receptor is activated, glucose production is increased, and there is a chance of hyperglycemia.


Other therapies such as metformin and insulin can cause a deterioration in the control of the glucose levels and can cause a person to gain weight.  It shows a reactivity similar to glucagon, and they have exact amino acid sequencing. OXM has one more octapeptide. In a test with obese patients who were injected with OXM three times a day, there was a significant weight loss. This was done over a period of four weeks. The results are similar to patients that have had gastric bypass surgery. It is also comparable with other diseases such as small intestine resection and anorexia.  OXM  improved the overall glucose metabolism. When Oxyntomodulin was given by IV, there was less gastric emptying.


OXM is released after you eat a meal. This quickly causes a rise in hormone level. This rise signals your brain that there is a change in the energy status. The gastrointestinal tract signals a decrease in the secretion of gastric acid, and as a result, the gastric emptying is delayed. In the future, Oxyntomodulin can be an effective way to treat obesity.


Oxyntomodulin can increase the heart rate when mice were tested. It also was tested with Holstein cattle and showed that the concentration of glucose and insulin in their blood when they were given OXM.

There are varied reports of the effects of OXM on the body’s tissue. It also stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin.  It also triggers the production of somatostatin and glucagon.  OXM also helps in the reduction of gastric emptying.  However, it is not known if it is just in the short-term use or the long-term use of Oxyntomodulin.


OXM is produced in a group of cells called the ileal L cells.  These cells are located in the small intestine and the colon. OXM responds to signals that are transmitted by glucose and fatty acids as well as peptides and is released.  Because it works well in helping obese patients lose weight, it is often used when developing an antiobesity agent. Human studies have shown that most people can tolerate Oxyntomodulin therapy.


OXM is a peptide hormone that has 37 amino acids. Oxyntomodulin  ELISA test kits are sold here at Ansh Labs. Test results will give you the quantitative measure of OXM in the blood. This kit is good only for research and not for diagnosis or therapy. It comes with a 96 well tray. The limit of detection is 0.243 pg/ml. The test is performed on human blood. It can be tested on other biological fluids as well. And it takes two hours to complete.  The kit is sold worldwide and has a shelf life of twenty-four months.  

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