Gen 5 Fertility is a leading clinic for  ovarian rejuvenation with advanced and innovative treatments and medical equipment. Dr. Wood, our board-certified reproductive endocrinologist, has helped numerous women get pregnant using ovary rejuvenation therapy. 

What is ovarian rejuvenation, and how does it work?

Ovarian rejuvenation refers to treatments that improve your chances of getting pregnant. Women with conditions like POF or other infertility issues can benefit from ovarian rejuvenation significantly if they struggle with getting a pregnancy. The treatment works by stimulating the dormant egg follicles in patients via needles.

Our fertility specialists in San Diego, CA, inject the platelet-rich plasma into the ovaries. The rejuvenation procedure relies on intravenously sedation, making it one of the least-invasive and safe fertility treatments.

The ideal candidate for the rejuvenation procedure

Perimenopausal and menopausal women with POF or low egg reserves can benefit from our ovary rejuvenation fertility treatment in San Diego. We measure the hormone levels in women three months after the procedure and assess how well their ovaries respond to the treatment.

It is important to remember that it can take time for your ovaries to regenerate after the rejuvenation treatments. A rise in fertility-promoting hormones within 1-2 months following the procedure indicates that the technique has worked effectively. While the 3-month window is the average time for the ovary to regenerate tissue in most women, the process can take more time in some patients as everyone’s bodies work differently.

Is ovarian rejuvenation effective?

Our techniques address the aging process of the ovaries and boost the egg quality. As one of the leading and most proficient fertility clinics in San Diego, CA, we use the most advanced and least invasive ovarian rejuvenation procedures. Our minimally-invasive ovarian needling technique awakens the dormant eggs, resulting in follicle stimulation and increasing the chance for successful conception.

Several studies state that the ovarian rejuvenation procedure yields promising results by helping the ovaries resume their natural function. While there are no exact success rates, the treatment boosts the chances of conception in women and reduces stress significantly.

Top reasons to choose us for ovarian rejuvenation

Ranked as the best San Diego fertility clinics, we offer generation 4 ovarian rejuvenation therapy. Our leading reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Samuel Wood, has helped numerous patients from across the world have the baby they desire. Dr. Wood is a board-certified and world-renowned fertility specialist with over 25 years of clinical experience.  

We are the first fertility center in San Diego to offer ovarian rejuvenation using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Enriched Platelet Factors (EPF), and other innovative treatments. Our third and fourth-generation ovarian rejuvenation treatments are completely painless and have helped several women with diminished ovarian reserve successfully conceive a baby.

Call Gen 5 Fertility at 858-267-4365 to schedule an appointment with one of our treatment providers. Dr. Samuel Wood is one of the highly sought-after fertility specialists for ovarian rejuvenation in San Diego with over 25 years of clinical experience. 

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