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Inpatient Treatment Near Me

Addiction is a severe form of trauma that affects the very fabric of the soul and body. In our years of service, we realized that the medical healing approach is not enough to help one process past and ongoing trauma so that they can emerge as entirely new beings. We sought to find lifelong resolutions to various problems by infusing holistic healing methods in the inpatient program.

Substance addiction recovery takes faith so you can challenge limiting beliefs and thoughts. We offer a special connection to the spiritual world with the following alcohol abuse disorder treatment approaches:

  • Outdoor adventures in the lush greenery and oceanfront
  • Alternative healing methods using yoga and meditation
  • Native-American tribal healing to impact knowledge and heal a broken heart

Reasons to enroll in an inpatient program with spiritual healing programs.


Spirituality is a popular approach to connecting with the divine because it is broad and gives one an individual connection to the higher self. Unlike religion, you define how you connect with nature and which spiritual or religion is suitable for your belief system.

We accept patients from all kinds of religious and spiritual backgrounds and allow them to express and explore their spirituality in safe ways. Most people leave the facility with more knowledge on the spiritual world and coping mechanisms extending beyond their former limiting self.  

Long-term healing

Healing from alcohol and drug dependency involves forgiveness and a special kind of reflection you may never experience again in this lifetime. It would help if you had the perseverance and self-compassion that allows you to connect with your most authentic self and family or personal roots that led you to the current drug addiction state.

The simple therapy of writing and sharing down your thoughts is a cathartic way of expressing your feelings. Some people need more profound and more strategic spiritual healing methods to reconnect them with thoughts and emotions they buried deep in their psyche. Royal Life Center makes the process bearable by including many different spiritual healing methods and experts who can light your path towards a spiritually enlightening and drug-free life.


Gratitude is a strong and common theme of spirituality across different religions and spiritual practices. Gratitude helps people maintain a positive perspective on life to appreciate the small drug addiction recovery milestones. You will realize that your stay at the inpatient treatment near me makes an essential difference in your life and is not a waste of time.

Create meaning for your life

Many people are at a loss after leaving rehab because they do not know how to structure and fill their days. They are vulnerable to falling prey to former destructive impulses and relapsing on drug and alcohol addiction.

Our alcohol detox treatment centers push people to isolate themselves from the former environment, to connect with the higher power that gives meaning to life. Our experts help you understand your sense of belonging in life to find better ways of enriching your former life.

Spirituality will always play a huge role in recovery because drug addiction and detox from drugs are both a spiritual and medical battle. Enroll in our program by calling our specialists (877-recovery/877-732-6837) to verify your insurance details and offer free consultation on all related concerns.