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Portable Clean Room
Pacific Environmental Technologies, Inc.

At Pacific Environmental Technologies, we offer a range of options in portable clean room and conventional clean room design and manufacture. Our transportable clean rooms can be moved via flatbed truck within multi-location companies as a means of saving money versus investing in more than one clean room.

PEMF Huntington Beach

Find out how you can benefit mentally and physically from PEMF in Huntington Beach when you contact Ascent Adaptation & Regeneration. You'll find a wealth of information available on our website when you explore our Day Spa online- or reach out to an Ascent specialist who can help you get set up with your first session.

Cosmetic Dentistry Toronto
Dr. Judy Sturm and Associates

Although cosmetic dentistry in Toronto isn’t currently recognized as an official specialty in the dental industry (yet!), Dr. Judy Sturm & Associates provide cosmetic options and restorative treatments, including porcelain veneers & bonding, whitening, dental implants, crowns & bridgework, and many additional procedures and services. Contact us for a consultation appointment.