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When dealing with patients suffering for different conditions, you must be aware of the importance of a good night sleep offered by the best hospital bed mattress. At Sterling Sleep Systems, we are well aware of the stress posed by diseases, and we do our best to improve your patients experience while admitted to our hospital.

Can I use a regular mattress on a hospital bed?

A standard bed mattress will not be suitable for a hospital bed for various reasons. A straightforward example is the adjustable hospital beds, whereas a standard mattress will not be able to bend and adjust to the bed. In an emergency room, you will find some rigid type beds, but they are different from the ones used in the patient’s rooms.

If you remember from the last time when you were in a hospital, the beds are fully adjustable and very comfortable, too. But not all patients are lucky enough to get discharged after a couple of days. Some may be bedridden for a very long period, sometimes weeks or even months, and they will need a good mattress.

Characteristics of a dedicated hospital mattress

There are several things that a best hospital bed mattress should comply with, starting right with its functionality. While all mattresses must be comfortable and flexible, depending on the hospital’s specialty, they use different types of beds and mattresses. A quality mattress will not only conform to different sitting positions but will also be more durable, made for long-term use.

  • Composition – most of the hospital mattresses are either made of foam or with inner springs. The second type is considered the baseline and is usually the least expensive being suitable for budget hospitals. When comparing the comfort that the patient is getting, a foam mattress will be a better choice. A reasonably costly alternative is the air mattress, which in return provides increased customization by adjusting the inside air.
  • Capacity – relates to mattress capability to support high weights; for example, a foam mattress can accommodate up to 400 lbs while an innerspring mattress will be limited to 250 pounds of pressure.
  • Overlays – ideally a hospital bed mattress allows, for easy maintenance and long-term usage, the covers to be easily removed. By using memory foam layers in our mattresses, we are reducing the risk of sores, aches, and pains for the bedridden patients.

Equally important when purchasing a mattress is the cost. This can vary widely depending on the type, materials used, capacity, or extra features it provides.

How do I choose the best hospital bed mattress?

Depending on what kind of hospital bed you have and your budget, our specialists can guide you in selecting the suitable type and size. For the comfort of your patients, we are using a 3-layer foam system providing firmness when needed or giving a “plush” feeling for sensitive peoples.

At Sterling Sleep Systems, we care for both the patients and their budget. We take pride in our products, as we make them with the patients' wellbeing in mind.

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