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Aetna Drug Rehab Coverage

Treatment of drug addiction is one of the things that all health insurance coverage should include. Addictions are diseases, and therefore need treatment that doesn't stigmatize the patient for suffering from them - and that's where Aetna's coverage comes in. Our health coverage plans achieve substance abuse treatment with a safe, planned, and judicious detoxification program.

Much of the detoxification treatment can be done on an ambulatory basis, but more advanced cases almost always require clinical admission. That's why it's important to have medical coverage for detoxification that allows you to attend high-quality medical facilities where qualified professionals run the rehabilitation program.

Our medical coverage detoxification programs are designed to accompany patients through three stages to successfully treat their addictions. 

This is how our detoxification and rehabilitation programs work:

  1. Detoxification Phase

In this first step, the patient is almost always admitted to the medical center to eliminate all their access to alcohol or other drugs. The goal of this phase is to get the patient to eliminate harmful substances from his or her body and to regain physical stability without his or her body needing the substances. 

This first step is usually the most intense for patients, and that is why at the health centers admitted by our coverage, each patient is monitored in great detail by a physician and a psychiatrist at all times to manage the effects of abstinence.

In our centers, we have medical hospitalization times ranging from 48 hours to 7 days, depending on patients' physical conditions. We handle such short times thanks to the constant monitoring that doctors do at all times.

  1. Phase of cessation

Once our patients pass the detoxification phase, they move on to the cessation phase. This phase does not require medical hospitalization and consists of giving psychotherapeutic treatment to patients to avoid relapses into drug use, recover their social skills, and improve their general health habits. Our coverage gives our patients access to the best mental health professionals to successfully enter the third phase of the rehabilitation process.

  1. Restart phase

The last stage of the process does not require hospitalization either. In this case, the psychotherapeutic sessions continue, but this time focusing on the consolidation of new habits, future planning, and social and professional reinsertion. 

Addictions are manageable and having medical coverage that understands this makes it possible to go through this process accompanied by health professionals trained to take a patient by the hand through the whole process. 

The medical centers admitted by our coverage programs have high-end accommodations, amenities, recreational spaces, and educational events to provide our patients with all the necessary tools to maintain their sobriety when they finish their treatment.

If you want to hire a medical coverage that provides you with experienced professionals, first-class facilities, and flexible financing, our plans will be your best options.

You can get more information about our medical coverage to treat substance and drug addictions by contacting us through our website, phone numbers or visiting any of our offices.

Aetna Drug Rehab Coverage
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Aetna Drug Rehab Coverage
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